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MR Shooter Virtual Review:

Mr Shooter Virtual isn’t like your ordinary hack or mod app. The application is developed to provide unique traits in the game. Mr Shooter Virtual is an Android application designed for PUBGM that can clone your game account. The application creates a virtual copy of your phone app, allowing you two-way access to play the game. You can use the clone account as a guest account or your main ranked account. Now you don’t have to worry about playing safe and increase your game rank. Whenever you feel that you’re on the tight spot, just create a new clone and start from scratch.

There are other cloning apps like virtual space and clone app that provides the same level of services. However, Mr Shooter is unique in a scene that it clones only a specified app. Not all apps can clone a 1GB+ space game, they are only limited to 200MB apps. This gives Mr Shooter an advantage over all the applications and makes this the ultimate choice of every gamer.

Mr Shooter not only clones an application but it also supports a variety of different hack files. You can create a separate identity for each of your Android game. Each of the games can have its separate hack files and will work explicitly of one another.

The hack files are openly accessible on the internet and you can also create your own file.

Features Mr Shooter Virtual:

  • Create a Virtual Identity.
  • Make a clone of any Android app and game.
  • It’s safe to use game cheat scripts.
  • Compatible with 32BIT/64BIT apps.
  • No root access mandatory.
  • Free to use for everyone.
  • Support script file hacks.

How to use Mr Shooter Virtual?

To use the application, first, you’ve to install it on your Android device. The installation process is easy and can be done with a one-click installation procedure. Once the application is installed, open the application and follow the methods provides below:

  1. Navigate to the area “Hot Cloned” and add your favourite game into the list.
  2. You can also add different hacks specified to the game in this list too.
  3. Drag the game application to “Clone With” button
  4. Now Mr Shooter will create a virtual identity of the app and game.
  5. Now enjoy the multiple accounts on your one Android OS.

How to use MR Shooter for hacking Garena Free Fire?

The application is best for cloning purposes. But due to its powerful features, lots of gamers are using it to hack PUBG and Free Fire game.

If you want to know how to hack Free Fire game without getting ban then stay with us.

To hack Garena Free Fire you have to download one additional application along with MR. Shooter which is ASH Antenna.

  1. Open the virtual application and clone Free Fire and ASH Antenna.
  2. Through the virtual lunch the ASH Antenna app and enable the features you want.
  3. Now go back on the application and start the Free Fire game by a tap on the start button.
  4. Now the game will start automatically with all applied changes.

The ASH Antenna APK contains an inbuilt hacking script with anti-ban protection, so you don’t need to use an additional script.


MR Shooter Virtual APK is a brilliant application which clones large size apps and games in virtual within a second. If you want to manage multiple accounts for your gaming needs then MR Shooter PUBG will be proved best virtual for you.

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March 2, 2024