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Mikasa Playz Mod Review:

If you love playing shooting games, then you would be aware of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Since it’s a perfectly prepared battle arena, and thus, we love it. Also, it requires good skills from you because you cannot survive for an expected time in multiplayer mode. For this, you need to train yourself in addition to the pro items provided by the game store. The latter is enjoyable with Mikasa Playz Mod, an easy injector app to take control of the MLBB.

First of all, you can use the bypass feature for your account security. Further, slow down the functionality of your competitors by using the lagging hacks in Mikasa Playz Mod. For your avatar, a better ESP is available on the other hand. Thus, it makes you stronger & effective too. Next is the flexibility of a magical drone view. Indeed, it is increasable from zero to many times. In this way, you can see a maximum area on the battlefield, and it’s entirely in your support.

On the go, Mikasa Playz Mod lets you unlock different ML heroes with their skins. If you don’t have the desired avatar to fight on the battlefield, get it from here. Conversely, the costumes will help you in passing a level quickly. Besides it, some skills for heroes are learnable without much pain. Thus, it’s a fine addition. Likewise, you can enhance your defense up to many times. On the contrary, you will give destruction to the enemies more strongly & brutally.

Available hacks in Mikasa Playz Mod:

This mod menu is full of cheats you want to activate in the game. So, the list is as follows.

Bypass Memory

  • Map Hack Safe, Spam Chat, ESP Hero Lock, Enemy Lag

Drone View

  • V1, V2, 3D Drone, Fix Drone Bug

Home Screen UI


In Lobby

  • Unlock Skin, Unlock Hero

Custom Mode Only

  • No CD Skill/Spell, Unlimited Gold, No CD Recall

Other Hacks

  • Server Hack, Defense Up 10%, Damage Up 10%, Clear Battle Record

Do you realize all the features are present in a well-arranged order? It not only facilitates the users but lets them understand which one is more important for them. Hence, it is a good point if a tool owns it. Anyhow, see the enjoyable hacks in the Mikasa Playz Mod and give it a thumbs up. By visiting the developer’s YouTube channel, you can learn more about it and coming updates. We will also inform you as soon as we receive any.

Features of Mikasa Playz Mod:

  • Free injector app.
  • Just touch and activate a feature.
  • Then, it has password protection.
  • Straightforward & facile user-interface.
  • Works on the latest MLBB.
  • No ads, no bugs, etc.
  • Many more.

If you have no root Android OS then use this application on any virtual space application. On virtual you can use the app secret features without rooting your Android OS.


Safety & UI are the main attributes of any app or tool. Therefore, Mikasa Playz Mod APK contains both of them, so the users remain relaxed & satisfied. Despite its excellent functions, we all have free access to its facilities. Specifically, Android users have a right to it. So, if you love playing MLBB and want to reach its features in an unpaid manner, then use this app before any other.

Additional Information

March 5, 2024