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microG Review:

For proper utilization of apps and games on the Android Google Play Service is mandatory. Without the service, lots of apps don’t work correctly on Android Os. On the other hand, most people don’t want Play Services, because they collect user data every time. If you are tensed with the services and want to run your favourite apps, then we have a sweet app for you named microG. The app will replace Google Play Services to utilize applications that need Google libraries. The application guards your system for data sharing, and you will run apps with freedom. 

microG first aim is to offer better privacy from data sharing sources. For the utilization of apps like Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, and other Google services, we are bound to accept anonymous permissions. But after the release of the astounding app, we can run all these services openly, and no one collects our data, whether it is Play Store Services or 3rd party source. The application becomes the best alternative of official and trending nowadays. The trend of the app is growing very fast, which indicates that application performance in the general public.      

Features of microG:

  • The application is an excellent choice to hidden your privacy.
  • 3rd party and Google Services would not monitor activities performing on the device.
  • GMS Core feature, which offers a connection for apps that required Google Play Services or Maps API.
  • Get access to Google Cloud Messaging via the GsfProxy tool.
  • UnifiedNlp: library to provide geolocation over WiFi or telephony antennas.
  • Apps that required Maps API directly get map services.
  • For the latest updates of apps and Play Store service, Phonesky service is available.
  • It supported rooted and non-rooted smartphones.
  • It doesn’t charge any single penny.
  • Easy to run and much more.

Remember that:

  1. microG APK is not accessible on the Google Play Store for download and install. 
  2. Don’t remove any Google services app from your device while installing the app.
  3. Don’t forget to switch the “unknown source” setting if any error occurred while installing.
  4. If you are faced any problem while configuration, then read the full guide here.


So, do you want to rid the services of the Google Play Store or want to be a secure user? If yes, then microG APK latest version download free from the link as mentioned above.

Additional Information

May 19, 2024