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MDGram Review:

Telegram has become one of the most widely used messaging apps in recent years. Today, it is among the top social media apps with 700M+ monthly active users and 55M+ daily active users. It is due to its cutting-edge features and end-to-end encryption. Yet, this free app is banned in many countries, like Pakistan, and is not accessible to users. So, people need a good substitute for it. This is where MDGram comes in as Telegram Mod. It is available for Android phones and replaces the original app.

This fab app uses the totally secure Telegram API and has a lovely interface with lots of custom options. Every user loves its neat and clean bright white interface. Are you a big fan of Telegram but can’t use it on your phone? If yes, then download the MDGram APK for free. Install it on an Android device and enjoy all the benefits in one place. Still, it is not present on the official app stores yet. Therefore, users get it directly from their original website. You can earn the right app from this page.

Features of MDGram:

It copies each and every part of the official Telegram app. That’s why users get the same services and experience. It is easy to use with a fully customizable dashboard. The following summary will help you understand it deeply.

  • Efficient: It promises to be an efficient and smooth app. Users can consider it to use for a long time.
  • Perfect: Since it clearly claims to be a replica of Telegram, many loyal fans agree that it is a perfect app.
  • Usable: Everyone can use it without any difficulty. Actually, its simple & error-free UI is everything.
  • Accessible: MDGram is currently available for Android OS only. Thus, it is accessible to a big community.
  • Customization: In addition, one can easily adjust the app features, appearance, colors, icons, etc.
  • Privacy: It is the main demand of every user. Therefore, the app ensures your privacy using encryption tech.
  • Fast & Secure: This Telegram Mod is a fast and secure app. No bugs and errors will irritate you.
  • Auto Translate: An inbuilt language translator is beneficial to translate your messages and conversations.
  • Font Styles: Give an elegant look to the app interface with your favorite font style and many colors.
  • Themes: You can also set colorful themes if you don’t like the default white dashboard. It is also simple.

Other Features:

  • Home iOS and Material You.
  • Material UI Design.
  • iOS Style Design.
  • Material UI iOS Design in Chats.
  • Change Custom Emoji.
  • Bottom Bar iOS & Material You.
  • Monet Support for Android 12+.
  • More Styles for Customization.
  • Perfect & Elegant Design.
  • Great UI Design App.
  • Free to Download & Use.
  • Available as an APK file.
  • Updated & Working App.


The above details open every aspect of MDGram. This app presents itself as the best Telegram alternative. Users will not pay any fee for its services. Its user interface is simple to use and stylish. It has capabilities including audio and video conferencing, group conversations, file sharing, and instant messaging.

It also allows users to customize the app’s appearance by changing the theme, font, and color schemes. However, it is not a certified platform. While using unlicensed web apps, you must protect your device and data. Finally, click the download icon if you find this social media app essential for you.

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May 5, 2024