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MANOK NA PULA is a game played in Asia by a specific tribe Philippines. This game is very popular there. The fans of this game are not large in number around the world, but people of Asia like it the most. The basic rule of the game is that there are two cocks fighting with each other until one bird’s death. In the game, two parties challenge each other and train their birds to fight before the match. The bird, which remains for longer, becomes the winner and is rewarded with money. This game is not as simple as you are thinking. If you are playing the game for the first time, you won’t be able to understand its language and gameplay. Multiplayer mode will create further challenges for you because pro players from different regions will be there in the game.

The game is full of challenges, especially for new players. And if you are a fresh player and want to beat your opponent without doing any hard job, then you can try MANOK NA PULA Mod Menu. This Mod Menu has many features that will help you while playing the game. When you download this Mod to your device, you can play the game easily, and also, this Mod will boost the power and stamina of your cock. Using this App, you can enhance your level, and it allows you to play an unlimited match. It also allows you to un-lock many other birds including, Manok ni Taguro, Manok na Pula, Manok na Dilaw, Manok na Itim, Manok na Brown, Manok na Berde, Manok na Hubad and many more. You can upgrade your bird’s role as well.

Features of MANOK NA PULA :

Certain features of the Mod Menu are listed as follows:

  • Unlimited Dragon Eyes.
  • 0 Upgraded attack Cost.
  • 0 Upgraded HP Cost.
  • 0 Upgraded Stamina Cost.
  • 0 Upgraded critical costs.
  • 0 Upgraded defense cost.
  • Unlimited XP.
  • Unlimited Magic Dust.
  • Unlimited day hatch.
  • Unlimited level.
  • Unlimited match count.

How to use this MOD Menu?

Follow the steps given below and use the Mod Menu properly on your device:

  1. Firstly, download the mod menu APK file from the above link.
  2. If installing a first-time mod menu on your device, enable an unknown source.
  3. If the original game is installed on your phone, then uninstall that.
  4. Then install the mod menu you downloaded earlier.
  5. When installation, complete lunch the game.
  6. A floating icon will be visible when the game starts properly.
  7. Tap on the floating icon and activate the cheats as you want.

While playing the MANOK NA PULA on your device, you can easily enable or disable cheats to control the game. You may also adjust the floating icon on any screen location to make your gameplay screen clear.


On the whole, MANOK NA PULA is an ancient and classic game. This game is an amusing sport that allows two trained birds to fight each other to death for entertainment and gambling. It is also known as cock fighting. The game is delightful, and also it has suitable pictures and animation.

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March 19, 2024