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Last Day On Earth Mod Menu

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Last Day On Earth Mod Menu Review:

If you love playing survival games on your smartphone, then check out the Last Day on Earth. Indeed, it is a fantastic story with exotic challenges. Once you start playing it, there is no going back. Most probably, you would get addicted to its pleasant graphics, characters, missions, and gameplay. However, if you already know about this unique game, download an easy and simple version, i.e., Last Day on Earth Mod Menu.

Yes, the Last Day On Earth Mod Menu will provide you tons of cheats at no cost. Player, Game, Craft, Crosshair, and many other Functions you can obtain in this single item for free. With the help of app assets, you can easily bypass game challenging moments, so the game will become easy for you.

The modified game means the players will not bother with the premium stuff. Those, who are frustrated due to low progress in the game, have an opportunity to move forward. Hence, click the link on this page & grab the latest Last Day On Earth Mod Menu APK file for this game as a perk.

But you need to know about the game story before anything. The story begins in 2027 when most of the human population has died of an infection. Many got mutated and converted into zombies. Yet, you are one of the survivors. Therefore, several tasks are waiting for you. For instance, you have to arrange food and water, shelter and crafts, and other livings as well. There are different dangers, like zombies, wild animals, etc. So, all these harsh situations keep the survivors motivated. And there is no space for laziness. It is a situation of doing or die.

In reality, Last Day on Earth is the ultimate game because of its excellent characteristics. Like, hardcore & attractive survival gameplay engages the players effectively. You can try to survive with your friends. Thus, a team of survivors will have more fun. Similarly, you have to improve your life quality gradually. For this, building material and other necessaries are a must. Above all, it has a massive crafting system to help you survive. Weapons, equipment, maps, etc., are notable in this regard. Overall, it is a very good story with tiring chores.

Features of Last Day on Earth Mod Menu:

Since you came here to know about the mod menu, we are ready to enlist all about it. But remember that it is usable only on android devices. So, install it on your phone after deleting the original game. Its cheat list contains the following elements.

Player Functions:

  • God Mod
  • One Hit Kill
  • Attack and Shot Speed
  • Player Speed 1x to 100x

Game Functions:

  • Fast Load
  • No Kill Requirements
  • Unlock Backpack Skins
  • Moto Paintings Unlocked
  • Weapons Modify Unlock
  • Unlimited Foods and Water
  • No Minigun Cooldown
  • Detect Enemy Range
  • Active Contract 16 Hours
  • Animals Not Move
  • Unlimited Durability 
  • Hit Without Aiming

Craft Functions:

  • Unlock Items for Craft
  • Craft + Contraction 
  • Unlimited Point Craft 
  • Finish Motorcycle, Atv And Others
  • Magic Split

Map Functions:

  • Fast Walk Travel
  • Energy Cost1
  • Unlock All Events Bug Account

Crater Functions:

  • The City Tax Is 0%

Crosshair Function:

  • Activate Crosshair
  • Activate Circle
  • Crosshair Color 0-7
  • Crosshair Size 0-10
  • Circle Color 0-7
  • Circle Size 0-10 

Chams Wireframe Wallhack:

  • Wallhacks Chams
  • Wireframe
  • Color Grow
  • Line Width 0-18

So, you can enjoy favorable conditions to sustain yourself. In the official game, very few comforts are enjoyable. That’s why it is almost impossible to keep the body & soul together. Last Day On Earth Mod Menu is free to use for all fans. It has no complications, and the same story is available with maximum luxuries. Indeed, it is fully supportive and easy, too.


If you don’t want to face a shortage of food, water, clothes, shelters, weapons, and other survival material, then the Last Day on Earth Mod Menu APK is perfect for you. Believe it or not, you can build new houses with all requirements. Improvements in the looks of heroes are also doable. So, loot the rich territories, kill the deadly wild animals, and stay alive. There are exciting things that will keep you glued to your seat for hours.

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April 20, 2024