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Kosei Plays Review:

With the emerging trend of online multiplayer games, we are getting high-quality products with exciting features & functions. Millions of folks utilize hours regularly to get some fun from different kinds of games on smartphones. Similarly, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the leading battle arena. Indeed, it knows the mindset of youngsters, and that’s why it focuses on specific attributes. If you know how to modify the game politely, then you will get the highest points. For instance, Decoder Kosei Plays is one of the secrets.

Decoder Mod Menu tool has come up with new hacks in a fresh look. Additionally, so easy to use as ABC. So, get the app on your device and modify the MLBB. To know its all fundamental features, give a view to the following lines.

Kosei Plays has divided all the cheats into almost five categories that we’ll explain one by one. First, a radar maphack is attainable at a single click. It protects you from the enemy’s eyes and, aware of their movements on the battlefield. Second, you can handle the drone camera from the top or side. Honestly, you can maximize it up to 20x. It is cool to manage the drone with such liberty. It improves your ranking in the match.

Third, you will realize some custom hacks prepared by the developer. It also includes the supply of gold to the Kosei Plays users. Hence, buy what you need in the ML fight. Fourth, it supports dozens of ML avatars. It means the available heroes will fight from your side, and you don’t need to unlock the characters with diamonds. The Fifth and the last are the most admirable. Here, you can use several skins for the heroes without any cost. Thus, it covers all corners.

Features of Kosei Plays:

Battle Hack

  • Radar Map Hack
  • ESP Hero Lock
  • Fix Drone Bug Lobby


  • Drone Top & Drone Side

Custom Hack

  • Chat No Cooldown
  • Skills No Cooldown
  • 30 Map View V1
  • Unlimited Gold

Hero Hack Custom

  • 59+ ML Heroes are in your approach

Skin Hack Custom

  • 107+ Skins, including the most recent hero, Wanwan, etc.
  • Clear Battle Record
  • Closed Mod Menu

More features of Kosei Plays ML:

  • A free injector with the latest development
  • A user-friendly interface is appraising.
  • No need to remember a password.
  • Support 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Work with all modes like rank & classic.
  • Unlock tons of skins.
  • If you close the app, it still appears on the home screen.
  • An easy way to play the MLBB.

Indeed, Kosei Plays makes the battle of Mobile Legends easy-peasy. It is considerable since millions of players are new and don’t know the tips & tricks. They can use the support of this tool and then can start the game depending on their skills. It is workable for those who are planning to choose the game for a longer time.

Besides, when you download the app to use, you can efficiently inject all cheats. Moreover, no risk in its usage as it has a well-built anti-ban feature.

Tips before use:

  1. If your device is not rooted then use any virtual space, so the app will work properly. And if devices is rooted then no need of any virtual space.
  2. Enable all the permission of app.
  3. App will expire after certain period, but don’t worry we will update new version. So, stay tuned with APKFolder to get the latest version. Also, mention in comment if app show any fault.


The majority of gamers don’t make it illegal to use such apps that modify the games. Conversely, they search desperately for an update & efficacious app to get the upper hand over the opponents. So, they will also like the Kosei Plays APK for MLBB due to their outstanding functions. If you are one of those guys, then get it quickly without further thinking.

Additional Information

March 20, 2024