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Izen Patcher Review:

Do you love playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang but don’t have enough resources in your gaming wallet? Now all your tensions will end using a new yet perfect tool similer to ARK Injector. Indeed, it is Izen Patcher (ZenXios Patcher) that offers All ML Skins in addition to the Anime Skins. Moreover, ML BGs, Emotes, Analogs, and Effects are also injectable in the game. I know you guys have zero information about this tool since it is not accessible for all so far. In reality, you will not see it anywhere on the web other than this platform. So, get the APK file right now to become a guru of MLBB game.

And start cheating in the game. Izen Patcher Injector will ensure the supply of ML Premium stuff at zero cost. As a result, you will have maximum in-game resources to play the game comfortably. Even you can win every match in the presence of such a diverse collection of fighting elements. I am fully confident that no one would like to miss this exceptional injector app after knowing about it. There are dozens of features in this Android app that will surely make you a Pro Player. Let start exploring its main menu without any ado.

Features of Izen Patcher:

It is the most advanced app for MLBB fans. Tons of splendid freebies will make your gaming more engrossing. Here are the simple cheats you can inject into the game instantly.

All Skins:

It is not an exaggeration or fake impression to attract the gamers just. Instead, it is a fact that you can unlock ALL ML SKINS using this app. The complete list showing the number of heroes & skins is as follows.

  • Fighter; 28 Heroes have 112 Skins.
  • Assassin; 13 Heroes have 49 Skins.
  • Marksman; 17 Heroes have 123 Skins.
  • Tank; 17 Heroes have 63 Skins.
  • Mage; 20 Heroes have 82 Skins.
  • Support; 09 Heroes have 32 Skins.

Anime Skins:

Additionally, you can unlock Anime Skins & Customized Skins, ABC files, etc.

  • Ling, Chou, Sun, WanWan, Guinevere, Gussion & Fanny are customizable.
  • Anime to MLBB Skins Free ABC File


Similarly, ML Backgrounds prettify the game visually using stunning images. Here you have different groups in this regard.

  • Backgrounds; First Loading, Lobby, and Profile
  • Splash; Custom MLLB Intro, like Evos, RRQ, Geek Fam, and various others.
  • Music; ML BG Music will be changeable very soon.


You can unlock all Battle Emoji with the help of Izen Patcher.

  • RRQ, Onic, Geek, Evos, Aura, Alter Ego, Genflix, Bren, NXP, I am Scary, Here I Come, Come & Hit Me


On the go, unlock Analogs just like other cheats.

  • K”, Cosmic, Argus, Cyclops, etc., are a few examples.


Unlock the following Battle Effects.

  • Recalls
  • Spawn
  • Elimination

Game Cheats:

Apart from the usual cheats, a few rank-boosting elements are also handy.

  • Top Global
  • Ultra Graphic Mode
  • Auto Mythic
  • Enemy Lag

Drone Camera:

Drone Views work on all maps.

  • Original drone view
  • You have 09 ranges from 1×2 to 9×10.
  • Also, a 3D camera available.

MLBB Fixer:

Izen Patcher can remove the following bugs.

  • Pink Hero
  • Pink Map
  • Hero No Icon
  • Phone Lag
  • Black Screen
  • Stuck in Loading
  • Map Hack


It has proved that Izen Patcher is a multifunctional & diverse plugin to control the Mobile Legends. So, download & install it now. The APK file is free for you. When you open the app, it doesn’t need a password. Further, guidelines are given in the app to inject each feature. Hence, you will not face problems with its usage. Indeed, the number & variety of cheats is unbelievable, yet it is practical. You can experience it only after using it once. Don’t wait anymore and apply the tool to become a pro player.

Additional Information

June 10, 2024