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IWantU Review:

IWantU APK is a mobile app that has been making waves in the adult content industry. It is simply an updated version of the TikTok 18+ app and includes explicit clips from many locales. Even though the app is only intended for adults, we still think it’s vital to provide it with a thorough review for anybody considering using it.

In this post, we will discuss its main characteristics, highlight its benefits and drawbacks, and offer a critical analysis of IWantU functionalities. You must also know the negative impacts of constantly watching short clips, particularly erotic ones.

No doubt, short video streaming social media apps are trending in this day and age. People are using this idea to share their personal, business, educational, and entertaining content. Yet, it also has some serious side effects. For instance, your attention span immediately falls if you keep scrolling the TikTok or YT shorts. You become addicted to this habit and can’t track how much time you spend. Likewise, watching adult & sensual content routinely creates issues for you. This review is for informative purposes only. It is not promoting any unethical activity here.

About IWantU:

In simple words, it is a social media app that allows users to create, share, and watch short videos. It includes obscene films and images from many nations as well as a range of other adult media. Thus, a user can browse through a wide range of content, follow other users, and share videos on their own profile.

The backbone of this app is its algorithm. In reality, it suggests videos to users based on their viewing history and preferences. Thus, viewers may get fresh material that relates to their interests and gain publicity for their own clips. The design of the app is strikingly similar to that of TikTok & similar platforms.

The only thing that makes IWantU a prohibited portal is the genre & variety of its featured content. Indeed, there are plenty of content creators on this platform who focus on producing only erotic & nude videos or images. Hence, one should remember that it is nothing but a hub of spicy stuff.

Features of IWantU:

  • A wide range of 18+ content: This online video streaming portal features adult material from all over the world.
  • Algorithm-based suggestions: The app’s algorithm offers new videos based on the watch history and preferences of users.
  • Interface/Dashboard: Its simple UI makes it friendly for users to explore and discover the material they are looking for.
  • A replica of TikTok18+: The overall layout, working mechanism, and features of this utility are like the popular social media apps.
  • Exclusive to adults: The app is made mainly for adults. It is crucial to note that children under the age of 18 should not use it.
  • Inappropriate content: As with any app that features 18+ content, there is a risk of users encountering inappropriate or offensive content.
  • Privacy issues: The app gathers user data, some of which may be personal data including location and device data. So, users should be informed of this and ensure they are okay with the policy.
  • Addiction: Using such sources to stream quick videos can cause addiction where users find it difficult to quit watching even when they want to.
  • Desensitization: Constantly consuming explicit content might make viewers less sensitive to it. They could demand an even higher degree of arousal.
  • Effect on mental health: According to research, using social media and online material excessively results in loneliness, anxiety, and depression.
  • Effect on relationships: Regularly watching adult films might have a bad effect on relationships.


Now, you have an idea about the IWantU. The app is banned in some countries due to its 18+ services. After reading about its functions and services, you can easily make a decision on it. Honestly, the choice is yours. Most of us possess smartphones in this modern age. Verily, this mini device is magical. It is our responsibility to use it for positive purposes for a healthy lifestyle. Consuming harmful & pornographic social media apps is not good in any case. That’s it.

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May 5, 2024