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IFlix Review:

As digital entertainment continues to evolve, IFlix provides accessible, diverse, and engaging content. Verily, this freemium video-on-demand service offers a vast library of Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Japanese video content. Overall, it has something for everyone, whether you love streaming TV series, dramas, anime, movies, documentaries, or more.

This platform started in 2014 and has its roots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although it initially covered only regional content, it soon spread worldwide. Today, it boasts millions of users across Asia. Finally, you have discovered your gateway to diverse Asian entertainment.

The freemium model of IFlix sets it apart from other streaming services. It means users can access a wide range of content for free, with the option to subscribe for premium features and an ad-free experience. As a result, quality content has become more accessible to a broader audience. In addition, you can also try the BFlix App for more enjoyment and free streaming.


Features of IFlix:

Diverse Content – This Android app is a home of diverse video content. Fans of different interests can use it to find their relevant titles.

  • All TV Series
  • All Dramas
  • Movies
  • Hot Anime
  • Documentary
  • Entertainment

Multilingual App – It contains content in almost all the major Asian languages. That’s why it has a huge fan following in multiple countries.

  • English, Thai, Chinese
  • Indonesian, Malay
  • Japanese, Korean, Hindi
  • Portuguese, Espanol
  • Arabic, Vietnamese

User Account – Creating your account on this portal will help you organize and customize all the content you want to watch.

  • Create Your Account
  • FB & Google Login
  • Use Email & Password

Freemium App – It is the best feature since you can utilize it without paying any fee. Yet, the free version has limitations and contains ads, while the VIP membership gives you more control.

Organized Content – You get all the content organized and divided into categories. Hence, it is easy to reach your target using the following info.

  • Extensive video library
  • Genres, release year, etc.
  • Smart search & filters
  • Video previews

Personalization – Iflix notices your watch history and preferences. As a result, it recommends only relevant and filtered titles.

  • Recommendations
  • Custom playlists
  • Set preferences

HD Streaming – No doubt, it is the first demand of every user. Therefore, you can watch all videos in desired low or high quality.

  • High-quality videos
  • Download for offline watching
  • Subtitles & dubbed content
  • Real-time streaming

Chromecast – The app allows you to cast content to a bigger screen. Thus, link it with your smart TV and make entertainment time more enjoyable.

Become VIP – Get the premium subscription plan to unlock this online watching platform’s full potential. In truth, most of the content is available to VIP Members only. Now, it is your choice if you can spend some capital on monthly subscriptions.

Asian Content – You must remember that IFlix serves you with Asian content only. No doubt, this region has a diverse cultural and geographical history. They produce quality in their dramas, films, and other programs.

How to Get the WeTV IFlix App?

Whether you are a fan of Japanese cartoons, Chinese action movies, or Korean romantic dramas, this app is for you. Now, you want to experience it? Great! Follow the steps and start your journey right away.

  1. An easy and time-saving way is to click the link on this page to get the official Android app.
  2. You will install it as an APK file. So, do check the app installation settings on your device.
  3. Afterwards, it will be ready to launch. Open it to see its menu. A beautiful interface with plenty of VOD content welcomes you.
  4. Though you can use the app directly for streaming, creating a user profile is good. So, set your account first.
  5. Also, choose your preferred language from the menu. It gives you 13+ Asian languages and English as well.
  6. Go through the content catalog to pick from the recommended topics and use the direct search bar.
  7. Finally, play videos using the inbuilt media player. If you want to watch on a bigger screen, link the app with it.


Watching international movies and dramas online is a great luxury in this day and age. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe enjoy more than one film industry owing to the internet and streaming apps. Likewise, IFlix aims to entertain a particular audience in love with Asian visual content. Download this freemium app for your phone and make your day fun. Ensure that you own the latest version.

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May 21, 2024