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IFlasher Pro Review:

The fans of different online games are the crazy guys. They try to develop such tools that hack their favorite games, so they keep working on new tasks. A similar situation is for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Anonymous players try to attract the audience through their talent. They publish amazing apps through their YouTube channels. Likewise, we have gotten the IFlasher Pro, developed by AndroTricks PH, to modify a specific part of MLBB. It customizes the Intro screen in Mobile Legends with your desired content.

No doubt, different tools have separate tasks to complete. Similarly, IFlasher Pro is for one specific modification. You can get it free of cost via the direct download link on this page. It is easy & straightforward too. MLBB is getting popular day by day. It is because we like video games furnished with modern techniques & qualities.

So the competition is high among different gaming companies. Yet, ML is succeeding with distinctions. Furthermore, it is a rare game supporting the use of third-party apps. No one knows why it is so. Maybe, it is a challenging game, and many players don’t get to the destination. Therefore, they have allowed the use of these tools to maintain the interest of players.

Anyway, we can use IFlasher Pro to modify the MLBB. The only hack it presents is the customization of the Introduction screen. You can set any of the provided images for beauty. Or, you can pick an MP4 file from your device and then adjust it on the screen. Then, whenever you open the game, it will welcome you in a new style. Previously, it was doable through only the paid sources. Now, this app does it soundly for all players. Indeed, you can use ATA MLBG Changer to customize the background images of MLBB.

Features of IFlasher Pro:

The menu offers two flexible choices.

  • Custom Intro

It means you can add a custom MP4 file present in the storage of the device. It will come on the screen when you open the game. If you add a video full of excitement, it will boost your energy whenever you open it. You can also restore to original format in one click.

Built-In Intro

Here, the developer has provided 11 distinctive pictures for you. Now, it’s up to you to select a Picture and set it on the screen.

  • Among Us v1
  • Among US v2
  • The Hub
  • Zero Two v1
  • Zero Two v2
  • GeekFam
  • AeroWolf
  • Aura
  • Evos
  • RRQ
  • AlterEgo

You can freely add or replace the intro screen for MLBB by using these options. It decorates the required area effectively. It is meaningful as many of the players give it full attention. So, if you are willing to change the intro screen in MLBB, get the IFlasher Pro right now.

Additional Features of IFlasher Pro:

  • It is a small-sized app.
  • It is free in all respects.
  • You have the right to change the intro screen via this app.
  • Furthermore, it is safe & secure.
  • Even you can apply it on low-end devices.
  • The updated version is ready to use.
  • And many other features.


IFlasher Pro APK is the first app with this only feature. Before this, the MLBB players have been spending the ML diamonds to change the screen images. But this app has made it possible for us to add our favorite MP4 file as of our choice. So, take it quickly and make the game more interesting.

Additional Information

July 8, 2024