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House Chores

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House Chores Review:

Hello, my precious viewers. I welcome you all to my website where you get the APKs you have been searching for a long time and all the details about these APKs. If you love simulation games, then this is your day because we are offering you the best simulation game of the year known as “House Chores“. We all love our teenage years when we used to go to college, study, and come back home. The theme of this game is the life of an innocent college girl who lives with her stepmother and has all the responsibilities and manages her studies as well. 

The House Chores game is for adults only because you will encounter some incidents and relationships. That is not good for the mental health of minors or underage kids. This game will always ask you for your opinions, and upon your selection, the remaining story will follow accordingly. The game will start with you as an innocent girl with no experience of love and relationships. After playing you will learn so many new things. The whole of the game can be created and changed based on the choices you make so in exact words you are the author of your life story. 

What is the House Chores?

It is an adult simulation game that focuses on the life of a teenage innocent girl. She lives with her stepmother and manages the house works and studies at the same time. But the game is not focused on home tasks and college. The game is about the relationships and life events she comes across as an orphan. And how she finds love and makes her life successful. At every turn in the game, you will be given different choices, and upon selecting one of them.

Your life will be turned towards a new point. This game is based on visual pleasure and adult content. Where you may come across many inappropriate adult scenes, so if you are minor or underage, you should go for other simulation games which do not have adult themes. But still, the choice is yours. No one is forcing you.

Features of House Chores:

  • Menu Control Keys: You will be provided with a set of control keys that can be used for backloading, save load, main menu, etc.
  • Realistic graphics: Visuals are too real and eye-catching to ignore. You will be wondered how the quality is the graphics of the game.
  • Choose your date: You are the main character of the game where a college student is living with her stepmom and her two friends and all of them have different characteristics and nature so you can choose whom you want to date.
  • Interesting story: The story will have so many plot twists and interesting turns. Your own choices will make this story go accordingly as you are the main character and author of your own life story.
  • Interactive choices: You will be living with three different women who have different looks and nature and based on your personal preferences and choices. 
  • House Chores Walk Through: This game works like a visual novel based on your daily life routine where a girl wakes up in her bed, greets her stepmother and she asks you to do help chores where you can ask her questions and respond to her as you want.
  • Unique story with a plot twist: You can change the story and mold it as you want all you need to do is to choose the given options according to your taste.

Other features of House Chores:

  • Adult scenes and visuals.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Your choices are our preferences.
  • Date whom you want.
  • A perfect blend of satisfaction and pleasure.
  • Safe and secure game.
  • We protect your personal data.
  • No third party is involved.
  • Easy to understand and use preface.
  • Absolutely free to download.


If you have already played simulation games, you must be aware of how interesting and fun these games are. For those who are searching for the perfect game to make their boring hours happy and exciting. Then the House Chores APK is a gift for you, so download it and give us your thoughts about it. Hopefully, you found this information interesting see you next time with more interesting games and apps!

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April 11, 2024