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Battle Royale games for Android users are much more than your estimation. However, a few are on the top worldwide. I think you are well familiar with the Garena Free Fire, a magnificent action & shooting game. If you want to play this game in an easier mode, then GGWP SQUAD will let you shoot all the enemies quickly. Since its Mod Menu contains tons of freebies related to Aim, ESP, Drone Camera, Medkit, Wallhack, Telekill, and many others. In short, it is fully equipped with basic & pro items for free.

Most importantly, the users of this GGWP SQUAD Mod FF will also enjoy unlimited gold & diamonds to purchase in-game stuff. Hence, it is the full & final modified game with a lighter APK size. If your previous record is not so good in the game, then compete using this modded game instead of the original.

Beginners & novices players want to prove their talent. Yet, they face several hurdles in their ways. The first one is the shortage of gaming skills & premium materials. No doubt, both these factors decide the caliber of a gamer. Gaming skills come after great practice. While pro/advanced stuff in the game is getable through the real money only. So, it can be upsetting for many of you. Therefore, Free Fire MODs try to unlock all the necessary ingredients free of charge. And our today app is also for the same purpose.

Features of GGWP SQUAD:

Unlike other Mods, it is not essential to use an OBB file for it. Instead, you can utilize this APK file directly. Besides it, you should install it only on android phones/tablets since it is solely for these devices. Anyway, the following are the major cheats & functions of this game.

  • Aimbot Auto
  • Ammo Unlimited
  • Multiple Aim Cheats
  • All ESPs Available
  • Camera View up to 5x
  • Telekill Functions
  • Fast Reload the Guns
  • Remove Scope
  • Fix Lag Shoot
  • Ghost Hacks
  • White Body
  • Remove Body
  • Medkit Running
  • Wallhack Stone
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold

In addition to these cheats, GGWP SQUAD is free to download & use from this site. Indeed, you will find the original Mod Menu through the link. It has no condition of rooted or non-rooted devices, since it can support them both. Similarly, installation and usage methods are also a child’s play. The game is lightweight, and thus, low-end devices will run it smoothly. Third-party ads will not irritate you at all.

Is It safe to use GGWP SQUAD?

Our old readers know that modified versions are not officially linked to the original games. It means an app developer can break the security system of a game to make it simpler & more enjoyable. However, the developer can also add bugs/viruses into that revised edition. But the users of GGWP SQUAD should not worry about all such problems. Despite its unofficial status, many have used it so far, and they found it safe & secure. Now, you can test it confidently.


After understanding its functionality & features, GGWP SQUAD Mod Free Fire is no more a strange thing for you. Thus, use it carefully after uninstalling the official game. To save your progress, you can attach it with the old OBB file by changing its name before & after the installation of APK file. Nothing more.

Additional Information

June 9, 2024