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GG Mod Revo Review:

GG Mod Revo is advance version of Game Guardian and posses some more functionalities as compared to GG Modz Pro and GG Mod Fran Hacker. Its perfect application for executing scripts cheats, and hacks to modify the gaming resource. The app easily modifying large range of offline games, but along with offline, it is famous for modification of some popular online games including PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Mobile Legend Ban Bang, and Cyber Hunters.

The benefits of modifying game using GG Mod Revo are unlimited. Once when you successfully modify any game then you can enter any custom value in the game resource and it will add in your game in the shape of coins, gems, gold, and much more. Means without spending any single penny you can purchase skins, weapons, vehicles, bypass levels and much more by spending gained items.

As you know that hacking applications smoothly work on rooted Android phones. But the taste of GG Modz Revo is unmatchable it is compatible with both operating systems either root or not. But the use of the app on rooted devices is much simple as compare to no root. Because you have to download additional applications such as Netsnake Virtual, Parallel Space to run the application on a normal phone.

Features of GG Modz Revo:

  • SW/HW: Software acceleration & Hardware acceleration version are accessible for open use.
  • Online games: professionally modify famous online games PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Mobile Legend Ban Bang, Cyber Hunters and enhance your experience.
  • Offline games: the list of offline games are huge and you can modify almost all offline games.
  • Compatibility: without the grant of any SU permission use app on non-rooted devices and on rooted devices as well.
  • Background support: the application always runs on the backend and support running program in front-end.
  • Resource: without paying any single cent increase coins, gems, gold and other gaming items in gaming account.
  • Free: the application is fully free and doesn’t contain any premium section.

How to Hack any game?

Modification of games is a little simple as compared to hacking. And for hacking, you have to download respected. Lua script according to your needs. We don’t offer any. Lua script but you can get an unlimited script from search engine and Game Guardian official website. APKFolder only provides tested APK files for its audience.

What hacks you can get after using scripts with GG Mod Revo?

Some scripts contain single hacks and some scripts contain lots of hacks in one file. Script contain hacks countless but some of popular are Speed Hack, Antena Head, Antena Hand, No Ban, Anti-Ban, Safe Rank, Infinite health, Instant Win, Drone View, Map Hack, Wall Hack, Color Hack, Enemy Damage, Aim Lock, Head Shot, Infinite Diamonds, UC, No Recoil, Night Mode and Fake IMEI.


GG Mod Revo APK file now you can download from the link above free. Get the app and start playing famous games with the extra edge.

Additional Information

January 15, 2024