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Furansu ML Review:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a voguish MOBA game full of adventures, thrills & fun. Every player desires to shoot down all enemies in these battles. Therefore, they keep learning new tricks & tips from experts. However, a small number of newbies find their goal. If you dream of becoming the most successful warrior in MLBB, then Furansu ML Mods may be the shortest route. Indeed, it is also a modified version, featuring auto aim, mini-map, unlock all skin, all ranks & more.

Hence, Furansu ML is similar to many other ML mods, like Cyrax MLBB and JokerART Mod. A mod version doesn’t require premium subscriptions regularly. That’s why gamers are crazy about modded forms of games. At the same time, these are unofficial utilities. MOONTON has not released such variants.

Fans say using the mod menu is more convenient than applying multiple injectors & tools. A mod menu is an inbuilt feature in the game. When you install an MLBB mod, it doesn’t require an OBB file separately. Instead, you can connect it with your previous progress. Cheats are just one click away. Utilize the floating window of the mod menu and inject or eject cheats as per requirement. In conclusion, the costs of diamonds, battle points, coins, etc., are cut out.

Furansu Modz ML

Features of Furansu ML:

The loveliest part of this mod is the stability of its features. It means the provided services are permanent. Thus, you can amuse yourself without an end. Meanwhile, other injectors or mods stop working after a few days. Verily, it irritates gamers. They ultimately try to discover an alternative. However, Furansu Mods will entertain you for a long time. Finally, see the list of exciting freebies in the following outline.

Show Menu:

  • Show Mini Map
  • Show HP Bar Info
  • Show Room

Inject Skins:

  • Unlock All Skins (All Modes)
  • Work Rank & Classic
  • Supported Painted Skins

ESP Menu:

  • Shortcut ESP
  • ESP Box, Circle
  • ESP Line, Health
  • ESP Distance, Hero Name
  • ESP Name, Cooldown
  • ESP Dot

Field of View:

  • FOV 0 – 30
  • Camera View 2x, 4x, 6x

Auto Aim:

  • Auto Aim Lock
  • Target: Low Health / Close Distance Flameshot
  • Flame Shot
  • Beatrix Basic Attack
  • Skill 1, Skill 2
  • Skill 3, Skill 4
  • Range FOV 360


  • Line Opacity
  • Box Width & Height
  • Health Bar Size
  • Hero Name Position: -300
  • Hero Name Size
  • Player Name Position: -300
  • Player Name Size
  • Line Position X (2): -1000
  • Line Position Y (2): -700
  • Box Position X (1): -1500
  • Box Position Y (1): -1000
  • CD Size
  • CD Height: -300
  • Box Width Height
  • Line Thickness & Colors

More Benefits:

  • Regular new skins.
  • Fully functional Mod.
  • Back-to-back updates.
  • Essential equipment.
  • Fix bugs and errors.
  • Free of ads and popups.
  • No subscriptions.
  • No password/login.
  • New & updated cheats.
  • Floating Mod Menu.
  • No OBB file.
  • Easy to use.

Note: Hello users, turn off unlock skins if you’re going to use skins that you owned/trial card. Use unlock skin only for skins that you didn’t own. Thanks

The Furansu ML Mod brings all the essential hacks in one app. Hence, download it if you can’t survive without cheats. The installation process is the same as you do with other mods. First, rename the OBB file, com.mobile.legends, by adding “1” to its name. Then, uninstall the MLBB game from your phone. Remove “1” from the OBB file name, and install APK. So it will connect with your old progress. Remember, the OBB file is in the phone storage, android, And data folder.


Indeed, in-game pro features are costly. Youngsters can’t afford extra gaming expenses. But they yearn for in-game luxuries. They are also in love with Mobile Legends. No doubt, they only want to skip the payment processes. So, Furansu ML is here to serve those fellows. But the thing is, it is an unofficial product. It steals gaming stuff. Therefore, please do not use it on your original MLBB account.

Additional Information

April 17, 2024