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Fukkatzuu WS Review:

Some of the best weird skins are on sale for the maniacs of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Players can gain this profit without any risk. Are you interested? If yes, then install the Fukkatzuu WS Injector on your device. And enjoy a good collection of free weird skins without premium subscriptions. Also, customization is easy-peasy with this tool since the target material comes with a single click. Hence, don’t let it go if you desire better gameplay in MLBB. All the resources are actual and fully functional.

Skins of heroes are the best thing in Mobile Legends. In fact, you can furnish your avatars with any one of the available skins/outfits from the store. This alternate appearance or color scheme modifies the ML hero to give a new look and abilities. Thus, MLBB skins have distinct models and wallpapers to enhance the game features. For this purpose, Fukkatzuu WS Injector is a new utility prepared by a third party other than ML officials. It injects inbuilt free skins into your game. Yet, it doesn’t ask for in-game currencies.

Available skins in the Fukkatzuu WS Injector:

You can use advanced & latest weird skins with this mini-app. The developer is adding more & more stuff to the tool. Therefore, it is getting better with time. Still, there are enough elements to grab. I would love to mention the most significant skins here.

  • Johnson & Lancelot X Wheelchair.
  • Johnson X Airplane.
  • Beatrix Brother.
  • Johnson X Banana Boat.
  • Rich Kid Chou.
  • Gusion Summer Skin.
  • Balmond with Chopper Bike.
  • Johnson X F-15 Eagle.
  • Silvanna X Granny.
  • Rocketman Paquito.
  • Cyclops X Among Us.
  • Beatrix & Luo Yi X Scooter.
  • Johnson X CJ-GTA-SA.
  • Estes Customize Blacklist Skin.
  • Johnson X Philippine Jeep.
  • Alpha with Alien Ship.
  • Johnson X Yacht.
  • Gusion & Chou X Stretcher.
  • Johnson X Pedicab.
  • Johnson X Mr. Bean.
  • Balmond Ads Skin into Real Skin.
  • Chou Ads Skin into Real Skin.

The list shows all the current MLBB skins attainable from the Fukkatzuu WS. Moreover, the developer has given a demo to ensure the application of these items. Therefore, it will work on your phone.

Features of Fukkatzuu WS Injector:

 The owner answers your questions regarding its reputation, functionality, and pros/cons. I jotted down these answers to your questions in the following bullets.

  • No account ban.
  • 100% safety.
  • No lag & no FPS drop.
  • It works on all modes.
  • Free to download & use.
  • No password or login.
  • Simple menu list.
  • Easy to inject.
  • Lightweight APK file.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Latest material.
  • Much more.

When you enter the tool by installing it on your phone, give it demanded permissions. In another case, you will not be able to use it. Actually, it asks for storage permissions which is essential to save skins. So, it is mandatory.


Select a particular skin browsing the main menu of the Fukkatzuu WS Injector. Different characters have specific products. Henceforth, you will download the one you need. Then confirm its injection quickly. Other features of Mobile Legends are not available in this tool. If you crave a drone camera, battle effects, backgrounds, emotes, and music for MLBB, then download other injectors from APKFolder. All the best third-party utilities are getable most easily. But we don’t develop these illegal & unofficial products.

Additional Information

March 22, 2024