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Foxy Modz Review:

In the globalized world of technology, people widely accomplish different sports using their Android devices from their homes. However, technology contributes a more splendid part of our lives. One of its notable inventions is Foxy Modz MLBB. As its name refers, it is a particular application used to play Mobile Legend Bang Bang. MLBB is the most popular multiplayer Battle Royale. Everyone is familiar with the game, and globally people are crazy about it. The game is full of engaging tasks. While playing it, participants go through a lot of trouble. The tool is specially designed to overcome warriors’ challenges on the battlefield.

In addition, Foxy Modz MLBB provides infinite ways of customization to master the game. The die heart fans love to customize the game according to their own will. It further enhances the beauty and attraction of the game. Where participants choose their favorite heroes. Apart from this, one can pick other necessary equipment for characters, like weapons, safety materials, etc. They can unlock skins, and upgrade them accordingly. The tool updates its system automatically and adds many changes to the app. The tool allows users to get varieties of items for free.

Moreover, Foxy Modz holds many new functions such as an auto-attack, auto-heal, auto-defense, etc. Its excellent graphics and maps further make fighters’ tasks easy. The exemplary design enables to play the game in several modes. One can choose any of the given modes according to their comfort zone. Warriors can build a team, conversate with team members, and helps them to know the whole battle scenario. In this way, they can pre-plan and share the plan. These elements make users crazy and compel them to play the game here.

Features of Foxy Modz MLBB:

The mod provides many probable ways to play the game with more techniques. Also, one can enhance and polish gaming skills and fight with pro players effortlessly. A few outstanding features are here that support users while playing.

Menu Camera: This feature contributes to a fighter’s success. They can keep looking at the battleground by enabling this option from the mod. They can adjust their camera both horizontally and vertically and can set the drone as:

  • Auto Drone 2X
  • Auto Drone 4X.

Menu Show: Enabling the menu shows one can get all the information about the enemy and home. These options provide many beneficial opportunities such as:

  • Enemy’s Icon Map.
  • Shows enemy’s Bar-Info.
  • Show Room- Info.
  • Show Monster jungle.
  • Health Jungle.
  • Show Circle Minion.

Menu Hack: This feature allows users to apply hacks and cheats while fighting with an opponent. It won’t restrict warriors during the war. The opportunity that permits an individual to explore menu hacks is as follows.

  • Unlock Emblem.
  • Unlock skins.
  • Radar map icon.
  • Fix grass.

Menu ESP: Here you can change the control setting and optimize ESP in the game according to your will. These options include:

  • Shortcut ESP.
  • ES Player Round.
  • Set Line size.
  • Set line color.

Also, enabling this, one can also collect info regarding enemy health, distance up to 360, player name, hero name, enemy cool down, and others.

Menu AIMBOT: It allows users to set their target priority. They can fix the distance and decide ways to shoot the opponent.

  • Closest Distance.
  • Lowest HP.
  • Auto Aim-Lock.
  • Flame shoot.
  • Aim-Lock Basic attack.
  • Auto Aim-lock Skills 1, 2 and 3.


Foxy Modz MLBB is a distinctive app that allows users to manage the game. It provides multiple options to unlock all the necessary equipment. They can get painted skins, costumes, characters, safety helmets and more to protect their heroes. The mod plays a vital role in the success of the participants. They can fight in a relaxed and peaceful environment and defend themselves powerfully.

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February 17, 2024