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Fairy Tale High

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Fairy Tale High Review:

Fairy Tale High is a fun video game for mobile users. You can make countless girl avatars in this dress-up game. In fact, in-game avatars are like beautiful dolls. As a player, you can change your avatar’s appearance in any way possible, including their hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. In this way, she will be equipped to handle everything that comes her way. It is possible with your assistance as a stylist. Overall, the story is more attractive to female gamers. But everyone can enjoy it free of cost.

Do you have a good sense of fashion? Well, the game is suitable for experts and newbies as it helps gamers polish their skills. You can combine and match several haircuts to make one-of-a-kind looks that fit the personality of your female avatar. You may design a cut that is ideal for her regardless of whether she enjoys bangs, pull-back styles, or long hair. At the same time, several elements are for premium members only in the official game. Yet, this revised version unlocks all items for you.

You can add up to three different colors to the girl’s hair in the Fairy Tale High game. Hence, produce some genuinely stunning looks. Whether your avatar has real hair or artificial, you can style it in a way that will amaze others. Yet, the good times don’t end there. You can also completely personalize your avatar’s attire. Put together a fully distinctive outfit with anything from dresses and skirts to shoes and accessories. Many gamers find some degree of satisfaction in playing it.

Features of Fairy Tale High:

  • Many custom options
  • Create & edit avatars
  • Edit faces & bodies
  • Colorful hairstyles
  • Makeup kits & outfits
  • Accessories, shoes
  • Dresses & outfits
  • Enjoy offline mode
  • No expenses
  • Lightweight app
  • Modified version
  • Drag & drop items
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Animal items
  • Much more

The sheer number of possibilities in Fairy Tale High is one of its best features. Your avatar can have unlimited looks due to a wide variety of hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. This guarantees that no two avatars will ever be the same. The attention to detail is another fantastic aspect of this tale. Everything looks fantastic and provides the feeling that it has been deliberately constructed to produce the ideal avatar, from the fab hairstyles to the sophisticated clothing designs.

Download this mod at zero cost and utilize plenty of paid items. Since it is a third-party app, allow your phone to install from non-official sources. Finally, start playing without ado. Explore new features and design your dolls from scratch. Use your creativity & imagination to make the game more delightful. Still, this variant is not linked to the actual developers in any way. If you want to see the original game, go to their official site. Download and try it. But you will come back for the mod version.


All things considered, Fairy Tale High APK is a great game for anyone who enjoys dress-up games. It will keep you engaged for a very long time because of its endless custom choices and attention to detail. Why don’t you download it right now and start writing your own high school fairy tale? The endings are very pleasant in every story. That’s it.

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June 15, 2024