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The gaming industry is experiencing a new transformation with Eternum never-ending adventure. You can download and play the game on your Android device without any issues. Additionally, the game is not intended for children; it is exclusively for players who are 18 or older. Get ready for an exciting role-playing journey. In the beginning, you and your friends move to the next town in your country for higher study. You want to secure your bright future to get enrolling in the best university in Kredon.

When you first arrive at the institution, you’re taken aback by how heavily dependent all the other students are on ETERNUM, an MMORPG. It is a virtual game that makes use of brain technology and is quite addicting. You and your friends are playing this game while observing other pupils, paying little attention to your studies or your promising future. The game uses special technology to give the feeling of a realistic world. This dangerous virtual reality is a challenge for the player to overcome.

In this graphic novel, a man relocates to the city to pursue higher education, but he also uses the Eternum to access virtual worlds. In this game, you play the main role of the story. A player can use different roles and features as all previous and latest are unlocked for free. The player will be in the first level when he moves to the city for education. There will be a high rate of poverty in the villages where survival will be compulsory for you. There is a lot of violation in the villages, torture, rape, black dealings, and lawlessness.

Features of Eternum:

Graphics: If you are a gamer and not thinking about the graphics, then it is your fault. Graphics play a key role in gameplay. The features crystal-clear animations that give eye-catching results. The 3D graphics make the game as you are watching a movie.

Beautiful Girls: The beautiful girls are involved in the game to make it more charming and captivating. Moreover, girls look more beautiful and realistic and you can fall in love with these girls to start your relationship. That’s why it is an adult video game.

Regular Updates: The game is regularly updated to boost your gaming experience. So, to enjoy the thrilling adventure without any lags, developers introduce advanced functionalities frequently. New items and quests enhance the beauty of this story.

More Features:

  • Amazing soundtrack.
  • Choose themed gameplay.
  • Straightforward control.
  • Friendly-user interface.
  • Adventure + Horror.
  • 37 plus new animations.
  • Hundreds of new images.
  • Uses less battery and data.
  • No advertisements.
  • Unlimited fun.
  • Unlock all mod features.
  • Free to download & use.


If you are interested in going for a new adventure in the gaming world, then ETERNUM APK is the best option for 18-plus players. It is a story-based game in which your character plays the main role in going through a great experience. It is a third-party application and there are no downloading or subscription charges to play the game. So, to download it for an Android phone. Click on the given link from our website. Many other updated games like Training Slayer and their mods are available on this site .

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April 26, 2024