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Episode MOD

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Episode Interactive

Episode MOD Review:

Do you want to see yourself playing a character in a love or romantic story? If you have any fascination with romantic dramas or movies, you can create your journey. The Episode MOD is such a simulation game in which the players see themselves in a virtual world. Indeed, the adventure will be full of romance & ups and downs. In the end, a logical conclusion of the story will force them to play the game again & again.

So, do you think it is an attentive Android game? If yes, then get the Episode MOD APK version free without unlimited money, passes, gems and much more. But, before you play the game, we want to tell you the actual story of the the Episode-Choose Your Story. The original game is so absorbing & engaging that millions of gamers have downloaded it more than fifty million times from the Play Store. In truth, it is a story-based game in which the player selects a role for itself. Then, he/she goes on dating with the looks or appearances they love.

The game allows the players to set their personality as they want in this life. After this, the love story starts with its complete essence. Moreover, the climax & the end of the story is more important than all. Since it is very close to our real life, therefore it helps in understanding & making decisions about it. In this way, the story tells you what you need to do and what not. Besides, the primary edition of Episode has limited options to customize a character.

However, this MOD has many more things opened by which you can utilize as many as you need. So, it’s going to be great liberty for you. If you want more games from a similar genre then try SummerTime Saga & Yareel APK.

Features of Episode MOD:

If you want to modify your personality or your avatar in the game, then you have to use this version. Doubtlessly, the following are the salient benefits of it.

Customize your avatar:

Believe it or not, you can design an avatar just like you. To say, the whole appearance of the body, e.g., the makeup & clothes, is adjustable easily. But this facility is negligible in the original game, and you purchase all those items for yourself. But in this mod version and the functions are unlocked, so no real money is required.

Unlimited coins & money in Episode MOD:

The above-given benefit is attainable only through the in-game currency. Hence, the MOD gives you countless wealth or gaming coins, so you can buy anything to develop your avatar effectively.

Make desirable relations:

Here, you are free to make relations with the desired people. With whom you like to set a relationship, either opposite sex, rivals, or someone else?

Many more stories:

If you think the game would have selected stories for you, then you are underestimating it. Verily, hundred-plus tales are present at this time. And more are coming with each update. So, select one of your taste and perform a role.

The fate of the character:

The end of your story is the most important. All of your progress, results, or suggestion will appear on the screen briefly. If you face unpleasant endings, you will try again indeed. Otherwise, the favorable results will also force you to experience another role.


If the truth is told, the above overview is brief & short. If you want to know the game completely, then you have to feel it once. In all honesty, the Episode MOD APK has unlocked premium items you need to customize your avatar. The more choices you have, the more enjoyment you will have. So, build your love story with better endings. Get the mod version now, and enjoy it.

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April 30, 2024