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Dix Injector Review:

Periodic updates in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang are making it an excellent & graceful action game. Currently, there are 115 heroes under the category of MM, Mage, Fighter, Support, Tank, and Assassin. Each hero possesses a unique specialty. However, the ability of a hero is bound to various other factors, for example, costumes, weapons, and battle effects. If you want to loot all the premium stuff in MLBB at zero cost, install the Dix Injector on your Android phone.

Honestly, the latest version of this cheating tool Dix Injector lets you modify the ML gameplay from different sides. Skins, effects, drone views, maps, backgrounds, ultra graphics, and many other cheats are getable even on Android 11 devices. Wow, it is a magical key for the premium gaming stuff in MLBB. Above all, there is no risk in using these cheats since it is an anti-ban & anti-detect tool.

Fans are already familiar with the distinctive features of the game. Plenty of heroes with hundreds of their skins are at the heart of the ML story. 10+ game modes are the second best thing making it diverse & dynamic gameplay. Likewise, numerous in-game elements are also purchasable to customize all these parts. Yet, the total cost is unbearable for most gamers. That’s why modifying apps are in demand. MonDix Injector is an old but updated injector app to easily unlock the ML game premium features.

Features of Dix Injector:

Many gamers have become pro players after playing the MLBB game repeatedly. But it requires a lot of time, passion & consistency. If you win battles continuously, you enter the group of legends. At the same time, it seems impossible to defeat the pro players at advanced levels. So, in-game accessories help in difficulties. Do you want to grab all the secret cheats most simply? Here is the list of freebies donated by today app.

Unlock Skin:

  • Fighter – 100+ Skins for 32 Heroes
  • Assassin – 100+ Skins for 13 Heroes
  • Marksman – 100+ Skins for 20 Heroes
  • Tank – 100+ Skins for 16 Heroes
  • Mage – 100+ Skins for 24 Heroes
  • Support – 100+ Skins for 10 Heroes
  • Skin to Skin for 80+ Heroes
  • 80+ Painted Skins for ML Heroes

Unlock UI:

  • 20+ Free Background Views
  • 29+ Free Background Music
  • Free Intro
  • Backup
  • Auto Mythic
  • Supreme Badge
  • Ultra Graphics
  • High Graphics

More Cheats:

  • Effect Recalls
  • Respawn
  • Eliminations
  • Notification Effects
  • Battle Emotes
  • Analogs
  • 10+ Maps
  • Fix Bugs
  • Drone Views
  • Android 11

What’s New in 2022 Updates?

Skin to Skin:

  • Grock, Epic
  • Venom, Rino
  • Starlight, Yin
  • M-World
  • Aldous, Elite

Painted Skins:

  • Pharsa to Nero
  • Martis to Gyutaro
  • Ling to Kok
  • Chou to Akaza
  • Alucard to Zab


Dix Injector also offers several comforts in addition to all these cheats. The APK file is free to download and use. It has no password. Just add your nickname and start using it. Also, the anti-ban feature makes it a 100% secure tool. The lightweight file is working on all Android versions. Yet, the app will need a few permissions to perform smoothly.

Additional Information

May 11, 2024