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Desi ESP PUBG Lite Review:

Numerous PUBG lovers tend to choose PUBG Lite rather than PUBG Mobile owing to its lot of features and functionalities. Since we have shared various helpful tools like Desi ESP PUBG for PUBGM in the recent, therefore, today we’ll inform you about an app to handle PUBG Lite is a better way. It is Desi ESP PUBG Lite, a great development for a low-end smartphone. You will get auxiliary skills to finish your enemies in the battle, like name, distance, health, box, and others.

Don’t you know about PUBG Lite? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is accessible for separate devices, including low-end PCs and smartphones. You can use PUBG Lite for Android devices with one or two GB RAM, and it has many other attractions for its usage. Like, it has only two maps, Erangel & War, it consumes less battery, least phone heating issues, and short matches. You can participate with 60 players, or you can also play in squad, duo, or solo. It causes a low burden on your smartphone and also saves much of your precious time.

Countless gamers have manifested constructive feedback about this version of the best action game. So, if you are using PUBG Lite and looking for an exceptional tool that can give you an upper hand over your enemies, then you must examine Desi ESP PUBG Lite.

Why make use of Desi ESP PUBG Lite?

Because you can get many benefits like you will get all the information about your opponents in your surroundings. For instance, it highlights the name of the enemy to get you alert, along with the health and distance. It will help you in deciding which one would be convenient to eliminate. It shows you the head position that will assist you in the correct shooting. You can utilize the line and box options to make you a skillful fighter. With the help of a back mark, you can recognize an enemy in your vicinity before their attention.

One thing that is remarkable in this app is, you are free to use the FPS option. It means frames per second and beneficial in the smoothness of the game. You will be able to set the graphics and fps according to the quality of your device.

Features of Desi ESP PUBG Lite:

Desi ESP PUBG Lite is a manageable app with the following facilities.

  • Adjust FPS (frames per second).
  • Name of the enemies in the battle.
  • Health, Line, and Distance of the enemies.
  • Utilize the option of the Box.
  • Shoot your enemies by knowing their correct Head Position.
  • Its download and utilization are free.
  • Secure and light-weight tool.

By clicking the link on this page, you can save and install the APK on your smartphone. It is a painless app that ensures the victory of the noob players.


If you are using the PUBG Lite version on your device and wish to add some extra powerful skills, then check out the Desi ESP PUBG Lite APK. It will provide you the extrasensory perception that is useful in killing your enemies in the game. You can show yourself as an expert player. So, what are you waiting for? Install the app, and start playing your loved action game in a new style.

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June 19, 2024