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Cyrxus Injector Review:

There are multiple characters in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Players desperately want to modify these heroes. Therefore, I have a newly developed ml injector app that directly injects skins and other stuff in the saved game. The most exciting fact about the app is it doesn’t need to pay for premium items. So, download the Cyrxus Injector on your Android phone and inject plenty of cheats at no cost. It is safe to use and offers an easy route to avail of freebies. Indeed, it is the newest tool for MLBB at the moment.

Cheating apps are being used by millions of gamers nowadays. It is a normal thing, even in online games. But getting unfair advantages in action games is risky. Actually, officials block the accounts involved in suspicious activities. Yet, very few games have unbreakable security systems. Games like Mobile Legends are easily changeable using cheats & hacks. So, many cheating tools are handy on the web that manipulates this game in several ways. However, Cyrxus Injector is the most basic & modish source in this regard.

This miniature will actively help you earn in-game stuff without the requirement of battle points, gold, coins, etc., in MLBB. Hence, it looks like something powerful as premium items are getable only through online cash payments. But the cheats are customary, just like in other apps. The most valuable product is the visual skins of ML heroes. Yet, it offers free costumes for almost 30+ characters. That’s why the owner will add more in the upcoming edition. For now, you have to contend with the available freebies.

Features of Cyrxus Injector:

Every injector app performs some particular tasks. Most features are ordinary in all cheating tools. Still, you must pick newly prepared & bugs free utilities. Finally, here is the list of top functions of the Cyrxus Injector MLBB.

Free Skins: Bundles of free skins are in your access to revise the looks of many avatars. You don’t need to pay money to unlock premium skins.

Heroes: Basically, it covers all the six major categories of heroes. Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, and Support are customizable.

Other Skins: Since MLBB offers unique skins & outfits for characters, therefore injector app considers those precious elements.

  • Free ML Skins
  • Painted Skins
  • Anime Skins
  • Custom Skins

Auto Aim Hook Franco: This section is helpful to strengthen your aims perfect and accurate. In short, you get the best possible shooting skills.

  • Auto Aim Hook
  • No Miss Hook
  • Magnet Hook
  • Damage Up 21%
  • Defense Up 19%
  • Attack Speed Up

Other Freebies: Following are the remaining cheats in the Cyrxus Injector.

  • Battle Emotes
  • Effects Recall
  • Fix Bugs

Coming Soon: Similarly, several items will be available in the coming edition. These are as follows.

  • Loading Screens
  • Skin Painted
  • Drone Views
  • Custom Skins
  • Spawn Effects
  • New Skins


Overall, it is a comprehensive tool with changing features. It is the first version with limited freebies. However, more updates will refine its effects. Fans can download & use it without any cost. The owner claims it is an anti-ban tool. Also, it is free of login keys or passwords. But you have to stay in touch with us to get the upcoming version of Cyrxus Injector APK. Do you find it a usable utility to modify the MLBB? If yes, then get it now.

Additional Information

June 12, 2024