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Creampire Review:

Do you love playing military fighting games? Are you also one of those teenagers who wants to join the military? Do you love fighting against enemies who try to hurt your country? Well, if you are one of those army lovers, then this game called Creampire is made for you. This game conveys the story of a military general who is running for his life after a very powerful tack on enemies who destroyed their whole crew. There you happen to be lucky enough to meet your loyal fellow junior retinue, which helps you to survive in these circumstances. Those evil armies have destroyed your employer and all garrison forces. And the king has gone missing, leaving all his nation behind. So now it is your responsibility to make a team with fellow Angel Kyle and kill those monsters, making your country safe. 

This lightning is no ordinary kids’ game where you fire some lightning bullets and be a hero. Here, kids, you have to protect your country and make sure you kill opponents before they kill all of your people. To play a Creampire game, the player must have enough courage to deal with these kinds of situations. As you see, this game is not for weak-hearted people. You needed to have a strong sense of responsibility to save your motherland.

As a general, you must be strong enough to kill everyone without even a single second of hesitation. As the only remaining general of your army, this is your time to prove your loyalty towards your people, so make sure you fight while not being emotional. You need to build the proper resources for the fight. You have to build a new army where people are strong enough to fight against those evil enemies. Help the injured people and convince the young people to join the army. Prove yourself by being the best leader and the best savior of your people.

What is the Creampire:

This game is about a country where the king has been missing since a very dangerous attack by the enemy army, and most of the army has been killed. But a general was able to escape, and now he has to rebuild the army crew and all the resources: tanks, armor, guns, vests, and everything to fight with the enemy soldiers. Your role is that of that escaped general who managed to survive. You have your fellow who is loyal to you named As Angel Kyle who will help you and be with you in every hard time.

You need to save your people. Your objective is clear. You have to convince normal people to join the armed forces. You have to take injured soldiers to the hospital, and you have to make sure that all the children and women of your country are safe. This game requires a high IQ level and a sense of responsibility. To be a hero in this game, you have to be mentally strong and prepared to cope with any kind of situation. With every stage, you will learn new fighting techniques and new survival methods. So download this military game now and make your dreams come true! 

Features of Creampire:

  • You are provided with so many rewards and gifts.
  • Convince 30 heroines to be a part of your army crew each of them has a different specialty.
  • Build a quick empire and save as many people as you can.
  • You are the leader and you have to assign tasks to your team according to their specialties and capabilities.
  • Help your crew members to complete the missions and collect bonuses.
  • Unlimited diamonds.
  • Unlock unique stories.
  • Featured Items.


Creampire game requires a hero who has the spirit to save his nation and the mind to build up strategies. This game is a challenge for those who claim to be strong-minded and have good IQ. So accept this challenge and prove yourself. Download the APK file of this game now!

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April 10, 2024