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CharTzy Mod Review:

Mobile gaming is a good entertainment source, especially when you have a broad choice of quality games. Simulation, Arcade, Battle, Sports, etc., are the major categories most gamers like to play on smartphones. Similarly, one of the salubrious MOBA is Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It is not merely an ordinary action game but also tests the competency of players. And the intention behind this review article is to aspire the fans by telling them about an injector app, CharTzy Mod MLBB. Indeed, it manipulates the game powerfully.

Most of the hacks belong to the rank-boosting category. Additionally, ML skins, view hacks, and the safety of accounts are central purposes of CharTzy Mod. If you are not doing something up to the mark in your loved game, then download the app and use it quickly.

Before anything, create hurdles for your competitors by applying the enemy lag feature. Since every tool has a different capacity in this function, CharTzy Mod MLBB has one-quarter of it. Likewise, battle hacks include maphack, extrasensory perception, spam chat, and so on. No doubt, it helps the player impressively. Then, skins for some heroes are attainable without any cost. It is not just to change their looks but also their powers. The better skins you have, the more dangerous you are in the ML battle.

To get effective control over the surroundings, you can apply drone & 3D view cheats successfully. Honestly, both the features are essential to identify the gaming objects, environment, and survivors. So, be aware of the vicinity and tactfully plan what you wish.

Features of CharTzy Mod MLBB:

Let’s make a note of the beneficial features of this app. Remember, you will not pay even a single penny for any of the services.

  • First, Enemy Lag 25% is helpful to fall behind the enemies.
  • Maphack, ESP Line, Health, Spam Chat, and Auto Disconnect features are present under the Battle Hack.
  • More importantly, ML Skins, not many, are usable soundly.
  • Moreover, Horizontal & Vertical Drone of Low, Medium and High position is available free.
  • Interestingly, Colored Hacks related to Black, White, and Bright are enjoyable.
  • Besides all, the 3D view, along with the No-CD hack, is excellent.
  • Finally, CharTzy Mod MLBB provides you with Account Safety, including the Bypass Memory, Clear Cache & Logs, Fix Bugs related to Drone View, and the Delete option as well.
  • Easy to use for all.
  • User-friendly & quite responsive.
  • No lag, ads & disturbances.
  • Compatible with the latest Androids & MLBB version.
  • Much more than this.

Tips before use:

  • Must use ML 32.
  • Don’t use in low-end smartphone.
  • For no root use virtual space like VirtualXposed.
  • If device is root don’t need any virtual.


Mobile Legends offers great fun in addition to the mission-based levels. Curiosity doesn’t end anytime, but more & more levels with increasing difficulty force the fans to complete each task. That’s why all the ML fans feel an addiction to this battle game. Our motive is to enable the menial players equal to the pro players without investment. Hence, CharTzy Mod MLBB APK is here to coordinate with you. If you can’t stand for even seconds due to insufficient ML items, external support is a must.

Additional Information

March 26, 2024