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Battle Points Generator

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Battle Points Generator Review:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang actively provides new & diverse in-game stuff to modernize its gameplay. And you need diamonds/points to purchase many of these gaming items. So, you can unlock the ML Characters, Effects, ML Backgrounds, Music, Sounds, Maps, etc. One can purchase these BPs and diamonds with real money. However, you will know about a successful trick to get freebies. For this, you have to install the Mobile Legends Battle Points Generator.

Battle Points Generator or Injector is an Android injector that perfectly adds unlimited in-game currency in your MLBB account, free like Scynix Dias Generator.

You would be familiar with the fact that it’s pretty hard to earn the ML diamonds because they are a valuable & rare currency. Still, ML players have few ways to get this currency. For instance, ML players can donate diamonds as a gift when they stream MLBB. Similarly, Lucky Spin or Lucky Shop is also a way to earn reasonable points. Besides it, Moonton hosts Diamond Challenge Tournaments with different rewards. And you can participate to win that reward. However, all these ways never give you sufficient MLBB assets.

Therefore, you buy them ultimately. But the prices are very high, e.g., you pay almost $100 for 5000 ML Diamonds. Every gamer doesn’t have enough money to spend on such gaming activities. As a result, they cry out seriously for a free source of this currency. If you are one of those, install the MLBB Battle Points Generator APK on your Android smartphone & tabs and fill your account with innumerable BPs. Then, purchase whatever you require in the ML battles. Isn’t it a sharp & cheap method for this purpose?

Battle Points Generator Password?

It is a password-protected app, and the users can’t utilize it without the exact code. Since we are providing you this amazing tool, therefore pick its password as well which is enlisted below.

How Can I Get Free Diamonds Using the Battle Points Generator?

For your knowledge, Battle Points or BP are in-game currency, use to buy Heroes, etc. However, you can’t purchase the MLBB Skins, Battle Emotes, and few others. So, here is the procedure to get free battle points.

  1. First download and install the app.
  2. Next insert the password above correctly.
  3. Write the correct User ID & Server ID in dedicated sections. And press the CONTINUE button at the end.
  4. Then, enter the battle points amount. For example, 1000, 5000, etc. Again, click the CONTINUE button and wait a second.
  5. Thus, the “Battle Points Successfully Injected” notification will confirm the results.

On the other hand, many ML players don’t know their IDs. For this, you need to open the MLBB Lobby, where your ML Profile will be visible. Open the profile, and get your User & Server IDs effortlessly. Then, copy them and put them in the app. In this way, you will receive unlimited battle points free.


A few things are free of charge in the Mobile Legends. And when you get an addiction to it, you can’t keep yourself away from it. Ultimately, you spend your pocket money purchasing the MLBB currencies. It becomes too costly to bear. Therefore, Battle Points Generator APK will save you money by giving you the number of ML Diamonds/Battle Points without expenses. So, install this magical tool on your smartphone and follow the instructions in it. Then share it with your fellows if you find it valuable. Enjoy.

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March 4, 2024