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Among Us Airship Map

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Among Us Airship Map Review:

Among Us has been very popular during the last year and the fighting game lovers highly appreciated it. You would be a fan of this space game, and that is why you are here. Now, at the start of 2021, we have a perfectly splendid version of this game, Among Us Airship Map. It has some new additions & changes for all of you that will please you. If you want to experience it, then get it from the shared link for nothing.

You know that the game starts somewhere in space, and you try to protect the spaceship and companions from the traitors. It’s adventurous & challenging since to find the deceivers present in the space ship is difficult. If you succeed in the mission, the space vehicle will land on the earth safely. At the end of a level, the winners get many rewards to move to the next level. It was developed by InnerSloth and very similar to the Henry Stickman Topp Airship.

The theme of Among Us Airship Map is the same as the original, but it has unlocked all the items necessary to defeat the traitors. Also, it brings a new map to guide the host & players. In the latest cards, the developers introduced suspensive & mission-based tasks. Play with 4 to 10 participants; as a crew member or impostor. Complete different tasks with the cooperation of fellows or find the fraudsters to kill them. You can hold meetings with the members for the action plans.

Features of Among Us Airship Map:

  • Play as a crewmate or impostor.
  • Private & public competitions.
  • Joystick & touch controls.
  • You can host the game also.
  • Use a personal map to navigate the spaceship.
  • Your objective is to fill the taskbar or discover the impostor.
  • Check admin map or security for suspicious activities.
  • Find the impostor through voting.
  • Freeplay mode is for self-practice.
  • Make emergency calls and fix sabotages.
  • The Statistics bar explains the completion of the tasks.
  • This version is free of charge, ad-free, and smooth.
  • All guidelines are available on the menu.
  • Get more hats, costumes, and other stuff.
  • New rooms, new missions.
  • All premium content at hand.

How to play Among Us Airship Map?

You are free to participate as a player or host the game. To play in private mode, create a room, and share it with friends. Also, you can select a public mode to play online with all over the world. Use the personal map and complete all the tasks. Utilize all the resources and protect the crew members with responsibility. If you want to train yourself, set the Freeplay mode, and improve your skills.

When it comes to download & install, it is an easy process. The provided link leads you directly to the latest version of the Among Us Airship Map APK file. No extra steps or complications.


If you have played this game ever, then Among Us Airship Map version will astonish you. It has brought changes to open all the players and other stuff. The reporting system enables you to call gatherings for discussions & to make strategies. Even the user interface is as easy to understand as falling off a log. So, install the recent version of the space fighting game.

Additional Information

December 22, 2023