Ani-Mate Kodi Addon | How to install on Kodi & Firestick

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Ani-Mate Kodi Addon is the new and best Kodi Addon where you will be able...

Ani-Mate Kodi Addon is the new and best Kodi Addon where you will be able to watch the all videos just for free. Today we are offering you the installtion process of this Addon that you will easily use this on your device. After installing this one you will able to use the all channels and videos on your Kodi app just for free. Now you will never miss an video or any sports because here you will enjoy the all sports and all just for free. before we disuse the installation process we should take a look at the sections and the channels of this Addon. It contains In addition, there are many sections for Toddlers, Kids, Anime, Mixed, Scifi, Comedy, Heroes, Movies, Action, Cartoons, &, etc. That you will enjoy these just for free by using this on your Kodi app.

Ani-Mate Kodi Addon

With this installation process, you can Install Ani-Mate Kodi Addon in many devices like Fire Stick, Androids, Windows, iOS, Mac, Fire TV, Linux, Roku, and many other devices. No, you will never bore in your free time because the comedy shows on this Addon will give you different happiness. Now it’s your turn to try this Addon and make your day enjoyable.

Sections of Ani-Mate Kodi Addon:

  • Mixed.
  • Scifi.
  • Comedy.
  • Toddlers.
  • Kids.
  • Anime.
  • Heroes.
  •  Movies.
  • Action.
  • Cartoons.

Pay Attention Kodi Users:

So, for Kodi users, there are some essential things about using the Kodi Addons. Do you know that Kodi is legal for use? However, there are thousands of 3rd party Addons you can access in your Kodi, but all of these are not legal. Therefore, you can face legal issues with your O after using these AddonsS. But don’t worry, we will provide a solution regarding its legal use and problems. By using a VPN, you can comfortably use the Addons without facing any problems.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the initial requirement of Kodi, no matter from which territory you belong. Why VPN? Well, Kodi and all Addons are not accessible in all regions of the global village, and due to this, internet providers disconnect your connections from these kinds of sources.

But it doesn’t matter because dozens of VPNs bypass internet protocols with one click and give you a desirable result in the palm of your hand. Along with this, VPN also boosts the connectivity of your internet and Kodi speed. As a result, you can enjoy uninterrupted quality, buffering-free sound, and much more. So choose a good VPN. We also suggest functional and low-prices VPNs. You can also refund your money if you are not satisfied with the services of the VPN, which is a good thing.

Express VPN

Installation process of Ani-Mate Kodi Addon:

  1. Following the steps and steps, will helps you while the installation of the Kodi addon.
  2. Open your Kodi and click the “Settings” icon at the top of the screen.
  3. In the settings, select the “System” folder.
  4. Select the “Add-on” and click the “Unknown source” option.
  5. Click the “Yes
  6. Now, these steps are essential to install this Kodi addon
  7. Go back to your setting and select the “File Manager” folder.
  8. Click the “Add Source” option.
  9. Click the “None”.
  10. Enter this URL: “: “” in the search bar and click ok.
  11. Type media name “butter” and click ok.
  12. Check the URL and media name and click “OK”.
  13. Now go back to your home screen of Kodi and open the “Add-ons”.
  14. Click the “Browser” icon at the top of the screen.
  15. Select the “Install from zip file” option.
  16. Click the media name “butter”.
  17. And click the “”.
  18. Please wait for the Addon update message to appear at the screen’s top.
  19. When the message appears, then click the “Install from Repository” option.
  20. Click on “butter”.
  21. Select the “Video Add-ons” option.
  22. Click the “butter” option.
  23. Click on the “Install” option to install this latest Kodi addon.
  24. Now again, wait for the Addon installation notification will appear at the top of the screen of Kodi.
  25. Done.


So dear viewers the Ani-Mate Kodi Addon is the free platform where you can stream all your favorites just for free. This is the best gift for your children’s that they will enjoy the cartoons more. So we have given the full installation process of this addon follow these steps and get the Addon on your Kodi App.