How to use Antena View APK on Android Os

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Playing online games with extra freedom is the desire of every game lover. But due...

Playing online games with extra freedom is the desire of every game lover. But due to limits and restrictions, not everyone can get the benefits from these things. But for those peoples who want to get some extra advantages from the game Garena Free Fire we bring Antena View APK.

Antena View is an Android application mainly develop to get extra freedom in the Garena Free Fire using its cheats which are Antena Hand, Head, Plus, and much more. If you are not familiar with the app yet then don’t worry, we will give you an informative guide about its usage and features.

How to download and install Antena View:

  1. First of all, download Antena View APK on your Android mobile phone.
  2. Before or after download go to the setting of your Android Os and enable the setting “Unknown Source”.
  3. Next, locate the downloaded APK file of the app in the download section or in File Manager.
  4. Then install the app on the device as usual.
  5. Now the app launcher icon will generate on-screen.

How to use Antena View?

1: To configure the application with the Garena Free Fire game lunch the Antena View on your device.

2: Next, the interface will show some buttons and each button contains multiple features.

Antena Head: This feature will showcase a long antenna stick on the player head.

Hand: This feature will showcase a long antenna stick on the player hand.

Plus: The plus is a mixture of Antena Head and Antena Hand. When you choose this option both antenna will showcase with the player.

Off: in any stage of the game you can switch to normal gameplay by using the Off button.

Map Purgatory HD (permanent): if you have high-end phones with perfect specifications then you should activate this cheat. By using this cheat, you can play in full HD graphics which officials don’t provide.

3: Activate one of cheat from the above list.

4: When it loads successfully.

5: Tap on button “Start” mentioned below.

6: Now the game will start on your operating as per routine. But when game loading basic data then you will see applied changes in the lobby of game.

7: That’s all without adding any script you can use Antena View APK on your smartphones without getting banned.

Great features of Antena View:

Compatibility: the app is compatible with the latest version of Garena Free Fire. Whenever officials update game version must visit ( to grab the new version of Antena View.

Anti-Ban: the ban ratio very low in the case of Antena View, because the application can’t inject heavy script in the game and its anti-ban version. Due to its anti-ban protection, the app is popular worldwide and millions of peoples already using the app.

Track Enemies: During game track the actions of other enemies and kill them without any difficulty.

Small: The application is very light-weight in size and supports low ended smartphones.

Free: The application is 101% free for universal use.

If you want to get some joy in Garena Free Fire game then must download the Antena View APK on your Android Os.