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Super SuS Mod Menu

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Super SuS Mod Menu Review:

Super Sus Mod Menu is a game similar to Among Us but with 3D gameplay. Hence, it is a more entertaining story. They call it the best free online game for global fans. Particular characters, the storyline, and the multiplayer mode make it an absorbing game. You have to find the impostors present on your spaceship. If you succeed, your crew members will land safely. In other cases, impostors will ruin your journey. So, it needs your and your fellows’ correct strategy and decision-making power.

If you play the original game, you will come across various limitations. Therefore, anonymous gamers created this modified edition. Users can enjoy all the features of this variant. Unlimited money, all characters, all modes, and all skins are enjoyable. Thus, download this mod from the above link on this page. It is free to download & use, with a lot of in-game premium resources.

Gameplay highlights of the Super Sus Mod Menu:

The story begins in a strange comic world. Some astronauts are on a journey. Their mission is to explore space. There are a total of 10 crew members, you & nine others. However, some impostors become a hurdle in this journey. Indeed, they are working on how to control the whole spaceship to harm the mission. Thus, you must protect yourself and other crew members from this accident. Correct decisions & intelligent moves will decide your future within seven minutes.

Players are divided into three groups called fractions. Everyone can choose their desired roles. You can be an intellectual or an impostor. Finally, complete all your tasks and win the game. The voice chat feature is an awesome way to start a conversation. You can instruct your crew members to take essential measures against the fraudsters on the spaceship. In this way, an exciting journey ends. Several rewards & prizes open up in the next levels. And the story intensifies with time. Keep enjoying it. You may also try Stumble Guys Mod Menu, another game with a mod menu function.

Features of Super Sus Mod Menu:

It is a revised version of the game Super Sus-Who Is The Impostor. It is, indeed, a mash-up of Squid Game and Werewolf stories. That’s why it doubles the fun. Users can expect plenty of freebies. Currently, it unlocks new features that are the favorites of millions of fans. Here is a brief list highlighting the major features & functions of this modded game.

  • Unlock 20+ unique roles.
  • Play online with 9 others.
  • 7 minutes of thrill & fun.
  • Multiple game modes.
  • Get top rank in the game.
  • Enjoy the voice chat feature.
  • 3D action in a spaceship.
  • Tough & engaging missions.
  • Get unlimited money.
  • Unlock all pro features.
  • Unlock all levels for free.
  • All skins are available.
  • Always impostor feature.
  • Much more.


Gamers who want to explore unique & unusual gameplay must try this game. It assigns participants to one of two roles: crew or impostor. Impostors want to kill all the crewmates on the spaceship. The crew wants to save the spaceship from crashing. The winner is the one who acts on time. Yet, the official version lets you enjoy it to a certain limit. If you want to access all the luxuries without breaking the bank, then install the Super Sus Mod Menu APK. It is functional on Android devices.

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June 23, 2024