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SARY Mod ML Review:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a pretty easy MOBA than many others. Gamers who love action & shooter games can grasp it very soon. However, the ML gameplay has changed during the past five years. Therefore, newbies find themselves lost among pro participants. Are you one of those tired & annoyed players? If yes, then a modified version has come on the market. It is SARY Mod ML. Most fans are still unfamiliar with it. But you can use it to unlock lots of premium items for free.

In the latest edition of Sary Mod, you can enjoy Auto Aim, MapHack, VIP ESPs, All Skin & Skills, Anti-ban & tens of other freebies. No doubt, it claims unbelievable cheats. But you can verify it only after installing the ML Mod. Now, it is simple to master the basics to control the gameplay. Are you fond of such shortcuts to overcome your deficiencies? Indeed, every gamer tries their best in this regard. Still, modified games are unfair to use. If you are uncomfortable, then read this post till the end.

Features of SARY Mod ML:

The developer brings this mod menu after several revisions. That’s why it is fully updated & admirable. This new edition is a replica of the latest MLBB game. Indeed, the original game gives you fewer options to customize the gameplay. Only a premium member can experience it with full essence. Here are the fab services of this mod game.

  • Beatrix Basic Attack.
  • Beatrix Ulti.
  • Granger Skills.
  • Layla, Selena, Franco.
  • Flame Shot.
  • Auto Aim Hero.
  • ESP Full Features.
  • Unlock All Skin.
  • Show Room Info.
  • Icon Mini Map.
  • Show Hero Health.
  • New Drone Settings.
  • Auto Aim All Heroes.
  • Anti-Lag.
  • New Layout/UI.
  • Mod Auto Update.
  • No Login Key.
  • Normal & Advanced.
  • Many More Hacks.

It seems that SARY Mod is a sturdy & all-in-one game. Its owner claims all these magical features are practical. Thus, mod lovers can check it anytime. Many users don’t trust third-party apps & tools. Yet, this mod is far better than many others. The above list explains its distinctions. Anti-ban & anti-lag features are the best to please ML maniacs.

Click the download icon to get an error-free APK file. Allow your Android phone to download & install this unofficial utility. Connect the mod with an existing OBB file after uninstalling the original game if you have one. Truly, a password is not required in the new version. So, no need to worry about it. But the owner can introduce changes with time.


Millions of gamers are passionate players of MLBB. They are in deep love with this action arena. Indeed, simple but diverse gameplay attracts true fans. If you are tired of limitations in the official gameplay, then using an alternative is a good choice. In fact, this recreated game has a pile of inbuilt pro features.

You will go through a simple game. The SARY Mod ML is safe & secure to a great extent. Yet, I remind you that using cheats is risky. You must confirm its reliability via a dummy account first. After complete satisfaction, you can also use it on the main profile. Still, I never put my main MLBB account at risk. That’s it.

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May 1, 2024