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Root Checker Pro Review:

It’s declared from the name of the application that what would be its actual work. If you’re looking for an app that lets, you know about the device status, whether it’s rooted or not. Mostly whenever you go to purchase a mobile phone at the market you are cheated by purchasing the rooted device and you even don’t know the procedure of checking cell phone so at that time open the browser and start downloading Root Checker Pro application. No one wants to be cheated because they are paying in thousands and lacs for purchasing a cell phone.

This android application is used to let you know about the device whether it’s rooted or not. It allows you to know about the information of the device and device battery charging and discharging current voltage. Root Checker Pro app has several tabs in which the tab “SafetyNet” API the part of the Google Play Service Framework that’s utilized to substantiate the device with the comparability tests of SafetyNet. Mostly these types of API are programmed in applications like Root Checker Pro to identify the actual status of the device whether it’s rooted or tampered.

This application is important because when you purchase a mobile phone and the next day you don’t feel satisfied with the android so you go through an expert to know about fault and then you go for return and the seller cut the percentage on its return. Usually, the device is also rooted due to damage to its original android version. This application is designed for all modern peoples to help them in this kind of situation. It’s also used in the situation when you root your device with any root app like Key Root Master and AutoRoot Tools and want to check is my device rooted correctly?  So, it’s also helpful like that.

Note: Root Checker Pro is not for rooting devices. For the root of device, you can try the best rooting apps.

Features of Root Checker Pro:

  • The best feature of Root Checker Pro is that It’s not a premium application that will charge for it but, it’s free to download and use.
  • Through this app, you’ll also be aware of SU and busy box in detail.
  • It also clears you whether your root is working accurately or not, if you rooted your device.
  • The interface or program of the Root Checker app is user-friendly that’s so easy to understand and use. You won’t face any difficulty while utilizing this root informative app.
  • It covers all the terms freely and makes it able to execute commands through the SU binary with root access.
  • It also provides the advantage of No displaying of Adds.
  • In the term of battery charging and discharging current-voltage, you’ll also get the knowledge about health and Charging level.
  • Root Checker Pro is not harmful to your device, but it protects your cell phone from the different releasing viruses of the damaged root.
  • It’ll also render you build information of the device in which Brand, manufacturer, device, boot loader, model, hardware and CPU ABI are included.
  • And much more.

No doubt the presented features will insist you to download Root Checker Pro APK file from

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June 18, 2024