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Rambo Gaming (ASP Cheat)

Rambo Injector Review:

Rambo Injector is an online hacking tool for PUBG Mobile. It is the most secure, fine-line, and reliable hacking tool available to date by any developer. The reason it’s ranked as the best hacking tool for PUBG Mobile is because of the ability to trick the game servers and providing us with different in-game items.

With each new PUBGM season, we see new updates in the Royale pass items. This includes new character costumes, skins, loot boxes, and more. What Rambo Injector offers is that it bypass the security method of the game and allows you to hack anything that PUBGM offers. There are tons of great hacking tool options that will help you get the ‘Chicken Dinner’ that you most desperately need. Also, the TDM and other timely matches are way easier than before. So, you should try this application on your Android phone if you are considering PUBG is hard to play.

We have provided the latest working APK  file for Rambo Injector in this page and you can grab it from the addressed direct link. All the other websites provide an old version of the APK that may harm your PUBGM account. We recommend you to constantly check this page to download the latest version. Here are some of the highlighted features this hack tool offers:

Features of Rambo Injector:

  • Auto Aim/Headshot: Your character will automatically aim for the head in close proximity.
  • Wall Hack: With this, you can see your enemies through building walls and floors.
  • Ambush/Grass: There is no grass in the field. You can easily see prone enemies.
  • Black sky: This will help you to navigate your enemies more efficiently.
  • Remove the mist: In special matches, the mist, fog, and rain effect will be removed.
  • Immediate hits: With this option, you will never fall behind the gun. It will be automatically reloaded with maximum bullets.
  • No Shake: Less delay or overlap when you run.
  • Other Hacks: Memory Antiban, Jeep Fly, Speed Dacia, Fast Land, Sit Scope, Wide View, Magic bullet, and more.

Is Rambo Injector APK safe to use?

The APK or hacked version of an application always comes at a conscience. Downloading apps from third-party sources don’t include Google Play protection. It means that the file may or may not include a custom script code that will harm your smartphone. Google officials also say that such files may harm your smartphone performance or steal personal data.

The APK, injector, and hack files we provide at APKFolder are always secured and scanned by renowned anti-virus software. We personally check each file before uploading it to general users. Rambo Injector app is fully protected from malware. Just download it and enjoy unlimited freedom in PUBGM.


At last, you can download Rambo Injector APK or Rambo ASP (Cheat) Injector to install on your Android phone. On the other hand, there are multiple apps also accessible which you can download to alter PUBGM and PUBG Lite version.

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April 17, 2024