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PLDT WiFi Hacker Review:

PLDT WiFi Hacker is an advanced Wifi hacking software that can easily bypass PLDT-based networks around the world. PLDT network is mostly utilized in the Philippines and other eastern and western countries. Where the service providers use the PIP-4 protocol. The app allows you to generate the default password of any PLDT public or private network modem.

Philippines Long Distance Telephone is a broadcasting firm mostly available in the Philippines and some parts of western and eastern countries. The company uses PLDT Fiber and wireless connection to provide their internet services throughout the region. The PLDT wireless connection uses an advanced encryption tool to hide the owner’s wifi connection from anonymous people. You can use the PLDT WiFi Hacker to easily navigate all the available networks in your area. Once found, you can easily access the network using a password or MAC address.

Every software has its strength and weakness. The Blood Security does not work on any other wifi network. If your broadband configuration is not set to PLDT, it will not encrypt the required command to bypass the network. You can use this app to hack your neighbor’s wifi network or any public network in which default credentials settings are not changed. If the owner’s wifi has not changed the network SSID or password, you can easily hack the network using this tool.

Do note that if the owner is using the PLDT Fiber connection instead of Wifi configuration, then the hacking tool will not be immune to the encryption process.

Features of PLDT WiFi Hacker:

  • Hack any PLDT Wireless connection.
  • Scan all the hidden networks in the area.
  • Advance encryption tool for PIP-4 network.
  • Change the default values of any wifi connection.
  • Works on rooted and non-rooted Android devices.
  • No update is required.

How to use PLDT WiFi Hacker:

The download and installation process of the app is relatively simple. One-click install feature allows you to easily install the application without using any rooted device. Once the app is set up, head over to the WifiInfoView section.

WifiInfoView scans all the PLDT WiFi networks available in your area and shows the basic info like SSID, MAC Address, Maximum Speed, Signal Quality, Channel Number, RSSI, PHY Type, Router Name, and Model. Select any of the available Wifi networks that will showcase you the Password and MAC address of a network. You can access the network here or your default Android wifi settings.


It is an easy way to hack any Wifi network. So, now you can download the PLDT WiFi Hacker APK for your Android Os from the download link above. Apart from this, you can also get lots of beneficial apps and games accessible for direct download on our website

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February 24, 2024