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Hackers Keylogger Review:

Want to capture every instance of your smartphone usage? If yes, then download the latest version of Hackers Keylogger APK and check out its and bits of your smartphone.

Hackers Keylogger allows you to capture every instance of your smartphone. With this, you can monitor your phone activity, registered keystrokes and take screenshots on custom timings. This tool becomes very handy if you have a habit of leaving your belongings in an unprecedented place. Just download the application and check the active surveillance of your smartphone in real-time.

Smartphones are one of the most important factors in our life. It contains a lot of sensitive information like images, videos, passwords, and access to certain websites. Although it stays most of the time in our pockets, there are times when we forget to bring it along with us. Now smartphone companies provide a lot of security measures that can protect your smartphone but what happens if you don’t have any kind of security lock? What happens when your phone lands into the wrong hand? What happens when your sensitive information got leaked to the general public? There are a lot of questions that I can cover here but all of them have the safe answer, use a Hackers Keylogger app.

Features of Hackers Keylogger:

  • Monitor smartphone activities.
  • Check the run-time of application.
  • Register keystores.
  • Take screenshot.
  • Save encrypted photos.
  • No notification for a screenshot.
  • Find out the usage of the most recent program.
  • Lightweight application.
  • Works with Google Gboard.
  • Check hacking mode status.
  • Works on non-rooted devices.
  • Free to utilize.

How does Hackers Keylogger app work?

Hackers Keylogger uses the default keyboard on your smartphone to track keystrokes. The application also supports Google Gboard.

This allows you to track the run-time of the specified application and take an appropriate screenshot. The screenshot timer is set at random intervals and saves the media on encrypted files without notification. Whenever a person has access to your smartphone, all of their usages will be monitored. To check the usage of the smartphone, open the application and go to the “Typed Data” section.


Click on it will showcase you all the keyboard activity over the pastime frame. Here you can also set the record limit of Keystores for a certain application. Finally, if you want full control over your smartphone off-site activity, then download Hackers Keylogger APK. Check the mole of your privacy and set the privacy perimeters.

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April 4, 2023